OWLS Outdoor Survival Parties

‘OWLS’ Outdoor Survival Parties

OWLS Outdoor Survival Parties are based on a theme of Survival.  If your children are Bear Grylls or outdoor fans then they’ll love this unique birthday party experience!.

The party is started with a game of manhunt that helps children become familiar with the woodland.  From this initial chasing game, the group are then divided into two teams and given a challenge to build shelters using natural materials, this is done whilst playing another chasing game of capture.   

Following from the shelter building and depending on the group, the experience then moves on to a game called ‘capture the flag’. This determines which one of the teams takes ownership of the wood. The teams then move onto the fire lighting challenge.  Each team is shown how to build and light a small fire, the survival challenge is for each team to keep their fire going for five minutes without a leader who is there watching them but can’t say a word. From the fires, it’s the challenge of eating insects from the wild.  This is optional, we fry live mealworms and then see who is brave enough to eat them!. Marshmallows then follow.

The party is lead by a volunteer owl leader through the role of education, awareness and enjoyment.  Leaders are gardi vetted and follow strict guidelines when working with children.  Leaders are also first aid trained. 

Duration & Times:
Approximately 2 hours, available on Weekends, 11- 1pm or 2 – 4pm.
This is an outdoor woodland service, with an option of two sites.Southside of Dublin – Fitzsimons Wood, near Dundrum orNorthside of Dublin – Turvey Park Nature Reserve, near the village of Donabate.

The leader provide the resources to run the event and the guardians are responsible should they wish too, to provide the refreshments. snacks, cakes etc.  From experience, most guardians bring along snacks, water and finish off the party with a cake.  Most parents bring along snacks and plenty of fluid.  The food eating all takes place during the last 20 mins when the groups are sitting round the campfire.

For the party, children should wear suitable clothing and footwear for playing outdoors.  A rain coat should also be brought, just in case of rain.  If it does rain considerably the activities will be tailored to suit the condition. Temporary covers are also put up in place.  To date, we have not had to cancel a party due to bad weather.

Up to 60 children can be catered for at the Northside site and 40 children on at the Southside site.

What does it cost?

  • For the first 15 children €180
  • For numbers between 16 – 19, it’s €5 per child.
  • Numbers 20 – 29 €250
  • For 30 – 40 children €350

A leader runs the party on a voluntary effort and does not get paid, the fee covers the annual €3,700 insurance premium and the rest goes towards providing opportunities for children who may not be able to access outdoor services on their own.

Who are OWLS?
OWLS is a Children’s Nature Community Service and stands for Outdoor, Wildlife, Learning and Survival.   The charity is run by two paid staff and a team of volunteers with a focus on providing outdoor opportunities for children of primary age and families to enjoy the outdoors through fun, education, access and enjoyment.   Our services include school visits, public run park events, working with groups with special needs, Ty’s practical projects, community groups, activity camps and opportunities for children who wouldn’t get a chance to enjoy the outdoors on their own.   This birthday party service helps us to continue and create opportunities for others.
‘OWLS’ The Children’s Nature Charity
Providing education, awareness, access and enjoyment of the outdoors.
CHY 19454
Registered Office:
The Children’s Nature Charity
47 Aspen Drive
Kinsealy Court
K67 RC95
 Contact Mobile: 087 32 999 36

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