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Festina Lente Wicklow

Here at Festina Lente we offer a variety of nature themed party options personally designed for your child’s interests, age, party size and season so that no two parties are the same.

We provide a safe, exciting, educational environment for your child and his or her friends!

Our parties come highly recommended from parents and are sure to be the highlight of your child’s celebration.

All parties include educational nature themed hands-on activities led by our staff.

You will have full use of a private chalet in the beautiful surrounding of Festina Lente Walled Victorian Gardens to have food and drinks and of course the cake!

You will also have full use of our wonderful gardens and chalet to continue with the entertainment after our part of the party.  There is a safe and beautiful open space for the children to breathe in the fresh air and be surrounded by nature!

We can host children’s parties all year round.  We have a limit of 26 children per party.  We do ask that for every 6 children there is one adult, if this is not possible please let us know when booking as extra staff will need to be there on the day and there will be an extra cost.

We do not include food but you are welcome to bring your own and have use of our kitchen facilities.  Please note that alcohol is not allowed as Festina Lente is an alcohol free premises.

The cost is €10 per child and €30 for the use of the chalet and gardens.

RSVP Andrea@festinalente.ie or phone 087 7373703

These are just some of the workshops we offer as part of the party!  All materials for the workshops are provided and the children will take home what they make so you don’t have to worry about a going home party bag!

♥ Mini Garden Design:

Design and create! This workshop allows children to expand their imagination by planning a garden on paper and then to put their plans into practice by making their own 3D mini garden- using plant materials and other media. This workshop develops a greater sense of perspective and spatial awareness and gives children the opportunity to have fun and explore their creativity.

♥ Hand- made candles:

Beautiful scented hand-made soy wax candles in a cute little travel jar. No, not bought in an expensive boutique, but made by your children in our workshop. The children will glue the wick into their jar, handle the wax flakes before we melt them (the adults do the hot liquid bit) and pour the candles. They will select an essential oil to scent their candle, add this to the liquid wax, and time how long it takes to set. While the candles are setting (there’s always a race) the children decorate labels and choose a ribbon to dress up their jar. The children learn about different states of matter- from wax flakes to liquid to solid wax-and a little patience.

♥ Insect house:

Where do butterflies go in the winter? What happens to ladybirds, lacewings and bees? Find out about hibernation and help out these little creatures by building a cosy insect house for them to rest in at night and sleep in over winter

♥ Home-made soap:

Use funky insect moulds to create fabulous flower, bee, butterfly or dragonfly soaps. The children choose their own colours and use essential oils to fragrance their soaps. Find out about the plants and flowers used in these oils, see how long it takes your soap to set, then wrap in cellophane with a beautiful ribbon to take home.

♥ Homes for Magical Creatures

Fairies, Leprechauns, Pixies, Elves, Trolls and Hobbits. They all live at the bottom of the garden, don’t they? Or do they? Children can make brilliant houses for the fair folk using recycled material, a heap of craft stuff and bucket-loads of imagination. Learn about scale and proportion in your little house with its weeny windows and diminutive doors. Add a miniature washing line, titchy trees and maybe a teeny tiny cat flap.

♥ Bat boxes:

A winning workshop with children. Learn all about Irish bats (and the importance of some other species too). Gain a greater understanding of where bats live, what they eat, where they go and what they do during the daytime. Paint and decorate your own bat box to hang up at home and encourage bats to roost in your garden.

♥ Bird houses:

Creative and practical! Use recycled materials to make a cosy bird nesting box to hang up in your garden to encourage your feathered friends to stay and raise a family. Decorate your bird house with tissue paper (wallpaper) and birdie cut-outs, add a perch and a roof…and wait for the wrens to move into.

For further information and to book your Birthday Party, contact Andrea on 087 7373703 or visit http://www.festinalente.ie



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