causey farmaphobia

Causey Farmaphobia – Meath

Farmaphobia 2016

Two New Haunts for 2016!

Dead & Breakfast – Your nightmares will come true when you experience your last sleepless night in the company of some frightening freaks…

Vamporium – Transylvania comes to Farmaphobia – Climb the creaky stairs to visit the Vampire’s Lair – a terrifying den of sharp-toothed villians who will stop at nothing to taste your blood…
Returning Haunts:
Field of Screams – Horrendous hay and hair raising mazes of monsters ensure a night you will remember for the rest of your life
Mutation Morgue – Meet Dr D. Cayd and his team of Medical Mutants
Scarecus – Join Chuckling Charlie and his cast of crazy clowns, axe wielding acrobats and the Scare Master for a thrilling and chilling performance…
Scream Pass – for 3 haunts – Field of Screams, Scarecus & Mutation Morgue: €18/€20
X-Scream Pass – 5 haunts: includes the above premium haunts, along with our new exclusive haunts: Dead & Breakfast and Vamporium: €29/€32
  • No alcohol is permitted onsite, and people under the influence of alcohol will not be allowed entry.
  • Wearing wellies is recommended as paths in some parts of the attraction can become muddy at times.

Farmaphobia is held at Causey Farm, north of Navan, Co. Meath, Ireland, just a few miles from the original home of the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain which has become our modern day Halloween. Anything can happen!

This event is geared at adults and older teenagers. NO young children will be allowed onsite.
Our Pooka Spooka Events run at other times, and are perfect for younger visitors. Anyone under sixteen must be accompanied by a responsible adult. Shows from 8.30pm are strictly over 16s only.

Causey Farm
Co Meath
Tel : 046 9434135
Email :
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