School Tours at Birr Castle Offaly

Did you know that Birr was once the silicon valley of the world? If you were a scientist, an engineer or an astronomer, then Birr was the place to be.

Why? – Before the days of computers, broadband and smart phones, you had to travel to where the big discoveries were being made. Not only did Birr Castle have the biggest telescope in the world, it was also home to some of the greatest engineering and scientific achievements of that time.

At Birr Castle, your students will embark on an inspiring journey from space exploration, to the engineering of Titanic, to climbing Ireland’s Tallest Treehouse. School tours include scavenger hunts in the gardens, and the Discover Primary Science & Maths workshop. Coming 2016 – New Zipwire.

School Tours at Birr Castle Offaly offer a unique and fun day out for primary school children across Ireland.

Birr Castle Offaly – Discover Primary Science and Maths

€10.00 per child – A Journey of Pioneering, Adventure & Astronomy

With the significant changes being introduced through the new science curriculum, the emphasis is on taking science out of the textbooks and the classroom and into everyday experiences & practical activities of investigation, experiments and analysis.  Ireland’s Historic Science Centre has taken the opportunity to play a role in working with teachers and schools in celebrating our scientific heritage and fostering, inspiring and encouraging young scientists of the future. We aim to achieve this by providing a fun, interactive tour through Ireland’s Historic Science Centre and through the gardens to end at The Great Telescope.

The programme consists of:

  • A guided tour of the science galleries of Irelands Historic Science Centre.
  • A visit to the restored telescope in the gardens.
  • An interactive workshop where the children work in groups to build and launch rockets, make observations and record results. Within the workshops children will be get a chance to work with measurements, angles and distance.
  • A team game using the rockets to learn about the planets of the solar system.
  • Length of tour: 3 hours. Admission €10 per student. Suitable for 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Class.
  • For Bookings & Further details, please contact our reception on 0579120336

Birr Castle Offaly

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