About DayOut Group

about dayout groupYou may have already heard about DayOut.ie, Ireland’s TOP Ranked web site for family days out. We’re 100% Irish and in operation for the past 5 years. Here’s some further info about DayOut Group…

DaySOut.ie is our sister web site,  dedicated solely to seasonal days out in Ireland.  Ever noticed that information about Christmas activities, Easter days out and Halloween events is only available online at that particular time of year?

About DayOut Group…

frgal walsh founder DayOut.ie

Fergal Walsh – Founder

With DaySOut.ie, we say why not show seasonal the info ALL YEAR ROUND!

You now have more time to browse information and plan ahead and with a greater selection of days out that any other web site. It means you can make the best choice for you, your group or your family. It’s better for our customers too because their information is always on and broadcasting and not switched off every season, like it is on other web sites!

We’ll be introducing some great new features as we move ahead. The original theme and idea of DayOut was to address the lack of information available on the Internet – that’s the way it was when we started back in 2008. This has now changed dramatically and we have moved into an arena where there’s now too much information on the Internet and not all of it accurate!. For this reason, we’ll ask you if you notice something out of date or inaccurate on this site, please shout and we’ll fix it immediately.

Thanks as always for your support and for helping to circulate details of venues on this site. Other sites talk abut venues, the difference with DayOut is that we go out there and check the out. e gte off our bums and make a day out of it! Generally, we send the guy on the left out to review venues all the time, so if you see us out there, pop over and say hello and we’ll be happy to post a nice pic of you across our pages. He likes to think he’s a bit of a hero / Bear Grylls type and tells us all the time that the pic below is him at Zipit, Lough Key? Not sure about him really….

(BTW Zipit is another super day out if you get the time!)



fergal walsh zipit lough key